Hanford Vit Plant 2014

Hanford Vit Plant needed an updated look, the ability to edit their content easily, and social media integration for their aging website. Working with the people at Hanford, a communications and media company, and a local graphics designer, we designed a new style and refreshed the content. I created a social media wall featured on the site to import content from Facebook, Flikr, and YouTube. This allows them to feature specific social media posts and content on their site. Since the old site ran on Expression Engine, I had to convert all the previous content and bring it into Drupal.

North Wind Group 2014

North Wind underwent a brand and logo change and this meant that the website needed a redesign. I had just converted the site from WebsiteBaker to Drupal the year before so all it needed was some clean up and a new theme. I worked with a local design company to create the new theme and assisted them as they have not made a Drupal theme before.

North Wind Group 2012

Converted and designed the North Wind Group public facing website. The old website was designed in WebsiteBaker and I converted it over to Drupal. One of the new features of the site is that news posts are automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter. The new design made sure that Public Relations could post content without having to go through IT.