Android Tablet Car Stereo Replacement

Seeing the ridiculous price of high-end car stereo entertainment and navigation, I decided to build my own. I used a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" tablet, a small Amp (to power the car speakers), equalizer (stabilize and boost levels and to route low-end frequencies to the sub-woofer Amp), USB power converters, various wires and other components and custom plastic fabrication (cutting plastic with an old soldering iron). Later on I added a steering wheel control to keyboard adapter that worked very well with Android. All this provides a superior car infotainment system for less than 1/2 the cost of a comparable device you could buy at the local audio shop.

After a couple years using this setup, aftermarket Android based stereos finally reached a point where they could be used instead of my custom solution. I ended up purchasing an Android based car stereo that was better (in most ways) than what I had built. The model I bought was a Newsmy NU3001.